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History: SMS Ltd., a private company, was founded in January 1995 for supplying hospitals in Russian Federation with quality medical products. The first distributor agreements were arranged with Portex Ltd ( current name - Smiths Medical International Ltd) and Timesco of  London Ltd   

Distribution activity : Duiring 23 years history company grew with  distribution experience and currently imports products of following brands: Rocket Medical ( UK), Timesco Healthcare (UK),  Carilex ( UK), ID Med  ( France),   NovoKlinic ( Germany) ,

Redax ( Italy), X-Med ( Italy), Royal Fornia ( China), Plastimed ( Turkey),  True Life ( Ireland),  Samarit ( Switzerland),

Dr Japan ( Japan), Unisis ( Japan), Ace Medical ( Korea)

    We supply a wide range of products for anesthesiology, ICU, surgical, and assisted reproduction departments.

Manufacturing projects partnership:

   Since 2013 we actively co-operate with other companies on a few manufacturing projects in Russia.

  In  2016  we had got the first registration сertificates for local production of medical products.

Development: We are looking to increase our product range with new suppliers, and also, using our product knowledge and market experience,  intend to co-operate with manufacturing companies for product improvements and development of new products. 
If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us directly


Arkadiy Berdikian ,  Business Development Director , mobile:+74954434654, arkadiy.berdikian@s-m-s.org

Head office location: 33, Mozhayskoye highway, Moscow, Russia, 121471


              S.M.S. Ltd

- quality supplier with 26 years experience